Weekly Windows Store Features Bejeweled Live and Phototastic Pro

The latest Red Stripe Deals in the Windows Store are often the best place to find deals on Windows programs at great prices. On Thursday, Microsoft announced the latest two additions to the sale, and can save 50 percent off the price and give users two great applications.

The addition of Bejeweled LIVE, Phototastic Pro, Task Lab, Words By Post, Mahjong Artifacts, and Turn N Run, make this a great sale for Windows users. At under $5 each, it will allow users to pick up a wide variety of programs for a fraction of the normal cost.

Microsoft Announces Bejeweled LIVE Available On Sale At Windows Store

Bejeweled LIVE and Phototastic Goodness

The first major program in the sale from Microsoft is Bejeweled LIVE. Normally $5, it’s on sale for $2.49, and is a best selling game. Users can match jewels, have awesome special effects, and get addicted to a fun game on their Windows devices. It is a best seller on multiple platforms and a huge customer favorite.

Additionally, Phototastic Pro is on sale for only $1.49. This is a top selling photo enhancement app that allows users to build collages and other galleries of their photos. It has a buit in action camera, stylish backgrounds, photo shapes, photo frames, and an adjustable collage inner with outer borders.

Microsoft Releases A Huge Number Of Programs On Sale In Windows Store

Other Windows Favorites

In the Windows Store sale, Microsoft has also highlighted Task Lab, for only $1.99. This a favorite task organizer and productivity app, and lets users organize themselves with folders, labels, and checklists. Fun games like Words By Post, Mahjong Artifacts, and Turn N Run are also featured for a fraction of their cost, and lets users play games on the cheap.

This wide selection of Windows games and programs highlight the power of the Windows Store. Users no longer have to go to a store, and hunt across the web for programs, and they can get them all in one place from Microsoft. Developers like this concept, and it has worked according to the latest sales numbers. By giving people an option like this, users can enjoy Windows programs and games, and now at a much lower price.

The Windows Store is a great place. Be sure to take advantage of these specials and enjoy them.

Published: Sunday, March 9th, 2014 Last Modified: March 9, 2014

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