Weekend Windows Phone and Windows Store Sales

As the weekend approaches, Microsoft is in the giving mode, and giving customers of Windows Phone and Windows incredible deals. These deals, as announced on Friday, are available for Windows Phone and Windows users, via the Windows Store and are worth checking out.

As developers and programmers are getting the Windows Store to deliver programs to users in a very efficient manner, Microsoft is making it much easier for them to find deals. By announcing these deals, Microsoft is also highlighting the power of the Windows Store on both platforms.

Microsoft Highlights Latest Red Stripe Deals On The Windows Store

Windows Store Deals

Microsoft highlighted six different red stripe deals for users this weekend. glƏƏk! is a twitter application that is very highly reviewed, and is only $4.99 versus $9.99. Shark Dash by Gameloft is a great deal and a puzzler worth trying. Success Story is a fun game that allows users to build a burger empire and is $2.99 versus $6.99 normally.

Other bargains this weekend in the Windows Store include The Treasures of Montezuma 3 Premium for $1.99, Roman Empire for $1.49 versus $2.99, and lastly Chuggington Puzzle Stations for $1.99. The Chuggington Puzzle Stations game is a jigsaw game that Windows users have rated very highly and is a well loved Windows Store game.

Microsoft And EA Team Up For Windows Phone Sale

Windows Phone Deals

On the Windows Phone platform, Microsoft teamed up with Electronic Arts to highlight games for sale from April 18 to April 24. These games cover a number of best selling games from EA, and are up to 60 percent off. Games like FIFA 14, Plants vs Zombies, The Sims 3, and others are available at very discounted rates.

All of these games from EA on the Windows Phone store are available for phones and tablets, and show that EA is behind Windows Phone. These games are great fun, and very discounted for hours of endless play. EA is a huge game developer, and when these games go on sale, jump on them quickly to make Windows Phone gameplay a must have. From sports to puzzles, simulation to warplay, Windows Phone and EA have a great sale going on.

I love these types of Microsoft sales. It doesn’t require a trip to the store, and are great deals for Windows users.

Published: Saturday, April 19th, 2014 Last Modified: April 19, 2014

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