Wechat Gets Updated Windows 10 App

The WeChat service is wildly popular around the world, and its mobile client gets most of its usage. But as of late, the Windows 10 WeChat app has gotten some love, and its gotten big updates.

The WeChat service is largely popular across the Asian regions, but it has fans across the globe. The latest Windows 10 updates are letting users use the desktop version to reach out to its mobile fans.

WeChat UWP Is WeChat's Windows 10 App

New WeChat App

The WeChat Windows 10 app is being called WeChat UWP, and its a little different than its other apps. It doesn’t have the looks and feels of the other WeChat apps, but its made for Windows 10 PCs.

With the app, users are able to send texts, file messages, playback audio messages, and even send photos. Stickers and locations can be shared with friends, and official accounts can have their articles searched too.

Try WeChat In New Ways With WeChat UWP Windows 10 App

Compatible Across Windows 10 Devices

The newer WeChat UWP can be used across Windows 10 machines, and also works with Windows 10 Mobile, PC’s, and HoloLens devices. It is geared towards desktop users though with its latest updates.

The WeChat service has hundreds of millions of users, so being able to communicate with them on Windows 10 PCs makes sense. The world has gone mobile, but Windows 10 PCs are gaining steam across the world, and WeChat is riding that popularity.

If you use WeChat on Windows 10, try the new app. It’s quick and slick, and is a nice WeChat app to download.


Published: Tuesday, October 24th, 2017 Last Modified: October 24, 2017

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