We Now Know HTC’s Windows Phone 8 Device Prices (8X and 8S), Possibly

Windows Phone 8 Htc Graphite Black_thumb Just a day after HTC unveiled its Windows Phone 8 devices, UK pricing its 8X and 8S may be known. The prices come from Unlocked-Mobiles.com. The devices are available to pre-order now, though the release date is subject to change.

Under £250 to buy HTC’s 8X smartphone off contract? Sounds good to me

We don’t know the stateside pricing of HTC’s 8X and 8S Windows Phone 8 smartphones yet, but we seem to know what UK will be paying off contract. Prices from Unlocked-Mobile put the price under £250, an attractive price for consumers.

Windows Phone 8 Htc Graphite Black

The news come from Unlocked-Mobiles.com, a website selling off-contract versions of smartphones. The website lists HTC’s 8X smartphone for £398.98 including VAT (£342.48 without), while HTC’s 8S is £224.98 including VAT (or £187.48).

The devices come with a 24-month warrant from Unlocked-Mobiles. Interestingly, release dates are November 5 and November 15, 2012 for the 8X and 8X respectively. HTC did not confirmed a release date during the devices’ unveilings yesterday, but it did say soon after Windows Phone 8 arrives.

Prices Yet To Be Confirmed, But Look Realistic

Unlocked-Mobiles claim the price is the lowest for pre-orders, so will we see higher prices after the devices release and will website basically have a free-for-all when setting prices? We don’t know, but upgrading will be the convenient way to get the phones.

HTC is yet to confirm a date, but we’re confident the devices will launch soon after the launch of Windows Phone 8. Microsoft isn’t going to launch an operating system with no devices. Especially with Windows 8 launching October 26, I bet Microsoft will want the unified ecosystem to extend to release dates. Though perhaps I’m talking rubbish.

HTC unveiled the new Windows Phone 8 smartphones yesterday. It seems to be that Windows 8 is creating an identity of colorful devices, contrasting iOS in particular and Android to a degree. The impression I’m getting is Microsoft wants the consistency of Apple’s devices and the choice of Android, without the hundreds of devices from the latter. I was pleased to see Microsoft set minimum hardware requirements with the introduction of Windows Phone 7, like the standardise USB port on the bottom.

Windows Phone 8’s release date is yet to be announced.

Published: Friday, September 21st, 2012 Last Modified: September 21, 2012

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