We feature your Windows 7 Theme!

We will regularly feature your Windows 7 Theme right here! If you want to submit your own theme, click here. Make sure to upload a picture and a zip of your themepack. To take a screenshot  simply use the Windows 7 Snipping tool  (Enter Snipping into search bar and it will popup). Keep in mind that you have to export themes as a *.themepack!

Dark Harmony Theme by Lykas

Images by http://adrenn.deviantart.com/

Dark Harmony Windows 7 Theme

One World Theme by KID

If you have an orange crush.

One World Windows 7 Theme

Cityscapes Theme by PixelJunky

Views of cities from around the world. From the US to Japan.

40MB Theme with 55 different backgrounds.

Cityscapes Windows 7 Theme

Download Themes:

Download Dark Harmony Theme

Download One World Theme

Download CityScapes Theme

We had another submission by Spawnlives with lots of different animal themes, but he did a little mistake. If you export your theme you have to make sure that you export them as a “*.themepack” and not as a “*.theme”. A theme file does not include any backgrounds at all.

If you take a look on this window, you will notice that themepacks have a different icon:

Published: Sunday, June 14th, 2009 Last Modified: February 3, 2010

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