Watch Free HD Movies With Movies HD Online

If you enjoy movies, you are probably familiar with the big apps like Netflix and others that are available for Windows 10. But, a new one has come along, and its called Movies HD Online from Movie Box Studio, and is one to check out.

Movies HD Online is a free app available for Windows 10 devices, and it has a collection of movies available to watch for free. It has a wide variety of different movies available, and lets you watch them whenever you want, without a subscription.

Movies HD Online Offers Free Movies On Windows 10

Movies HD Online Features

The free app is actually pretty easy to use and start watching movies within a few minutes of installing. It gives you a ton of free movies to watch, and there is no cast involved to see the movie, unlike other subscription services.

The app itself offers a search feature that lets you find movies very easy, and the list of available movies is updated every day. The app also gives you access to a full list of available trailers and movies at your fingertips.

Watch Harry Potter & More With Movie App On Windows 10

All Genres Available

With the Movies HD Online app, you have all kinds of movie genres available to enjoy. That covers action, adventurs, cartoons, comedy, documentary, drama, family, horror, music, martial arts, mystery, romance, sci-fi, sport, and more.

WIth the app you are actually able to download the movies as well, but that is a relatively new feature of the app. It works rather well, but still has some bugs to work out. You can use it though on your Windows 10 device anytime you want, and its cool.

Movies HD Online is free and available on the Windows Store. It’s a hot and new app, and worth downloading if you love movies.

Published: Thursday, December 1st, 2016 Last Modified: December 1, 2016

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