Watch Dogs Launches On Xbox One On Tuesday

The Xbox One is slowly getting games that will propel it to the highest of retail charts, and Titanfall gave it the next-generation consoles latest boost. But on Tuesday, Watch Dogs will launch for the Xbox One, and this is one of the most anticipated titles in a while.

Watch Dogs is the latest Ubisoft title, and is scheduled to be released on the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One. The game is expected to fly off the retail store shelves early, and be available for download on the Xbox One market, making it the latest must have game for the Xbox One.

Microsoft Highlights Watch Dogs For Xbox One Launch For Tuesday

What Is Watch Dogs?

Watch Dogs is the latest title from Ubisoft, and is a combination of a strategy, first person shooter, and action game in one. It is set in the future city of Chicago, and allows anyone to have the ability to “hack” into anyone or anything. It is a highly detailed game with lots of potential for the Xbox One.

The game at $59.95 is on par with the rest of the Xbox One games on the market, and is available to be downloaded with an estimated 20 GB installation size on the Xbox One. Many online retailers have sold out early, and offered promos to coincide with its release. It will hopefully make the Xbox One shine in sales for retailers as well.

Watch Dogs Launches On Tuesday For Xbox One Customers And Fans

Why The Xbox One Needs Watch Dogs

With the Xbox One, many consumers are lacking the large amount of games that the Xbox 360 has, and needs the next title to get consumers buying the console. With Watch Dogs, Microsoft has that title, and its huge amount of anticipation and press has gotten consumers very interested in buying it, and the Xbox One.

Microsoft suffered from mediocre sales from the Titanfall launch, and is looking to propel it ahead of the Playstation 4. Games are what makes consoles, and Watch Dogs is the next game that will help it succeed. Ubisoft is a huge Microsoft game partner, and it should deliver a top quality game as it launches of Tuesday.

I can’t wait for Watch Dogs on the Xbox One. I’ve preordered it and will wait for UPS to deliver it on my doorsteps soon.

Published: Tuesday, May 27th, 2014 Last Modified: May 27, 2014

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