Want Metro For iOS? Pay Attention

Metro Ui For Ios iOS has been labelled boring, but the option to bring Metro to iOS devices has now arrived for those users. Called Metroon, the grid-based layout is switched out for tiles.

Metro on an iPhone? Blasphemy, unless you’re jailbreaking, in which case is costs just over a dollar

I haven’t jailbroken my iPhone in a long time, mostly because I get sucked in and spent hours searching for mods and themes when they’re really not important. That doesn’t mean jailbreaking isn’t for some users, though, with those looking to bring Windows 8 to iOS now having a solution.

The theme is called Metroon, and does a great job of imitating the Metro UI. All the icons are reskinned, so clicking on Internet Explorer will launch Safari, and there’s support for viewing all of your apps within the theme.

Like on Windows Phones and Windows 8, tiles can be repositioned. There doesn’t seem to be support for resizing tiles, a feature refined in Windows Phone 8 across the small, medium and large sizes.

Imitation Not Sincerest Form Of Flattery

Metroon retains the fluidity of Metro, and there’s the ability to switch between vanilla iOS and Metroon. Swiping from the right brings the Charms bar, with three functions: search, Start (with returns to vanilla iOS) and settings which goes to the theme’s settings where’s the option to change the background color and the background pattern color. Notifications can also be configured.

I don’t really understand why you’d want Metro on iOS when it’s inevitably going to be inferior, and lack support, compared to the real thing on Windows Phone. I’ve never understood theming: anything that changes the look of iOS – and this probably applies to Android as well – means new apps are going to have to be skinned. And lesser known apps are hard to find themes for if you’re not up to doing it yourself.

And there are flaws with the theme: for one it’s replicating Windows 8’s version of Metro, which scrolls horizontally and means only a small amount of content is one the screen at a time. That’s fine, but Windows Phone and Windows 8 work well on their devices because lots of content is on the screen at one time. You can have all your apps on one screen with vanilla iOS.

Published: Wednesday, July 11th, 2012 Last Modified: March 31, 2015

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