Wait, Skype 5.1 For iPhone Comes Out

Microsoft just released the latest version of Skype for the iPhone, with version 5.0, and got a lot of attention with its updates and redesign. But with any update, users found some flaws with it and Skype was listening. On Thursday, Microsoft released version 5.1 for iPhone.

With the Skype 5.1 for iPhone, it shows that Microsoft and Skype are listening to users opinions, and getting bug fixes out quickly. To develop and fix a release in only a week means Microsoft’s engineers worked quickly, and the new release is available now for the iPhone.

New Skype 5.1 For iPhone Released To Make For Easier Conversations

What’s Inside Skype 5.1?

With the newest Skype 5.1 for iPhone, Microsoft saw three main areas of concern that users were addressing directly to them, via their forums, and via the iTunes store. Their feedback caused Microsoft to immediately go to work to fix the problems, and give them the features that were not quite ready for primetime.

Now, users can delete a conversation from the recent list with a long press on recents. A long press on the message can also edit that message. Also, by tapping “add favorites”, users can fill their favorites screen with the people they contact the most. Lastly, the people list matches up to the desktop experience better, and allows users to set status updates and more.

Latest Skype 5.1 For iPhone Allows For Easier Video Calls and More

Customer Feedback Works

It’s certain that Microsoft was listening to customer feedback as soon as the 5.0 release for Skype was released for the iPhone. These three main issues were highly commented on in all the various forums and comment threads, and Microsoft listens. They are eager to introduce more features, but wanted to fix these first.

The newest Skype 5.1 for iPhone is live on the Apple App Store, and users will need iOS 7 or later to fully enjoy this latest update. Skype is constantly updating its users with bug fixes and updates, and this is the latest in good press that Skype is getting from the tech industry and users. Users love Skype, and the new iPhone version of 5.1 makes Skype much easier to use and enjoy, no matter what your Skype use truly is.

I tried this version and it is much better. My iPhone has Skype running all the time, and now it has version 5.1 to try and adore.

Published: Friday, June 20th, 2014 Last Modified: June 20, 2014

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