Vudu Brings Movie & TV App To Windows 10

There are a number of TV and Movie apps in the Windows Store, and finding one that works for you is an ongoing process. Vudu is one of the largest ones, and they have brought their Windows 10 app to the Windows Store, and it proves interesting.

The Windows 10 app arrives with anticipation, as Vudu has a large number of users who have wanted this app to finally launch. It brings a large and sizable Vudu catalog to Windows 10 users, and gives them a great app to use.

VUDU App Launches For Windows 10 Devices

Vudu App Features

The Vudu app on Windows 10, gives users the ability to watch the latest movies, and get blockbusters on their Windows 10 machines. It brings movies that are still in process of arriving on DVD & Blu-Ray, and brings it to them early.

TV episodes are also available on the Windows 10 app, and these are available the day after broadcast, or via the whole season. Vudu is available for free with the app, and users can rent or purchase movies whenever they want.

Enjoy TV & Movies On VUDU App For Windows 10 Devices

Stream and Connect

The Vudu app lets users strem directly tot heir Windows 10 device, or they can download the content directly to their devices, phones, or computers. This makes it easy to watch your shows whereever you are, and that is a great thing.

Lastly, the Vudu app lets users connect to their Ultraviolet and Disney Movies Anywhere discs. This means that viewers can access their complete movie and TV collections via the app on Windows 10, and that makes the experience amazing.

Try the VUDU app today for your Windows 10 machine. It’s a great app for TV & Movie viewers, and is a nice Windows 10 app.

Published: Thursday, September 15th, 2016 Last Modified: September 15, 2016

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