VLC “Goldeneye” 1.0 & New Site Features Added

The latest version of the VLC player has been released, fully compatible with Windows 7: Download

VLC Goldeneye

VLC Goldeneye

Many new features and codecs have been added. One of the greatest new features is the function to load a file from the clipboard. Simply copy a stream URL on a website and use this feature to load it directly into your player.

While we are talking about features.. after the big re-design I thought it’s time to add some more features to this site.

1. Step A 3D Tag Cloud. I’ve seen it on plenty of sites and it’s just a fancy little plugin that I wanted to have on this site too.

3D Tag Cloud

3D Tag Cloud

Above that is just an image, you can find the links below this.

2. Step A Sitemap. To get a fast overview of all posts it’s probably one of the best methods. If you have “some” time then you can read through all posts.

3. Step A Chat. Either join us through a Java Applet on our site (link below) or if you have mIRC, join and idle us!

4. Step Who’s online?


Published: Wednesday, July 8th, 2009 Last Modified: May 26, 2013

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