Visual Style Of The Day: BRBW Windows 7 Theme With 2 Explorerframe Styles!

Visual Style With Great Caption Buttons And Details This is our visual style of the day called BRBW by PuKart – it comes with multiple explorerframe styles, new caption buttons and a really cool Start menu

Head over to to download this shell style.

This visual style has really cool caption buttons:

Cool Caption Buttons

The visual style also modifies the colors of various shell elements:

Visual Style With Great Caption Buttons And Details

Also the navigation and explorer bars are different. If you like you can choose a blue/white or a black/dark style:

Navigation And Explorer Bar Blue Or Black Style

The Start menu of the visual style is very elegant:

Cool Start Menu



Installing Visual Styles With Custom ExplorerFrame.dll

This theme comes with a follder called ExFrame – this stands for ExplorerFrame and in there you will find various bitmap files. In order to switch between blue and black styles you’d have to learn how to change the navigation buttons yourself. We have a great tutorial on this:


Making Custom Windows 7 Themes


Replacing and modifying the explorerframe.dll is no magic, but should only be done if you know what you’re doing or you want to learn it. If you do it wrong, you may no longer be able to boot your system, so make sure you read our tutorials on how to restore a broken system. It’s handy to have a Ubuntu Live CD or Knoppix if you like it

New to installing shell themes? You better start here: Installing custom shell themes

Published: Thursday, December 6th, 2012 Last Modified: December 6, 2012

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