Visual Studio Early Preview Released By Microsoft

Microsoft Visual Studio is a widely used programming tool that thousands of programmers use to develop programs around the world. On Tuesday, Microsoft released their latest preview of the next version of Visual Studio, and it has a ton of new features for users to try out.

This new version of Visual Studio 14 brings together a number of new technologies for programmers and users to enjoy. Microsoft is also soliciting feedback from users during this preview period, and the wide variety of new features is an exciting beta for users to try out and test.

Microsoft's John Montgomery Details Updates Made To Visual Studio 14 CTP

New Technologies and Features

Microsoft is bringing the .NET Compiler Platform known as Roslyn with this release of Visual Studio 14. It includes the upcoming version of Microsoft’s managed compilers for C# and VB, and an API that enables developers to integrate with the Visual Studio compiler and the language services they use. The team blogs feature of a ton of details for users to read about.

Additionally, it includes updates to the Visual C++ Standard Library, and adds utility functions, manipulators, functions, and several bug fixes that will improve productivity overall for users. The C++ team blog from Microsoft features the updates made. This will bring a lot more features to Visual Studio 14 for users.

Microsoft Shows Off Screens For Visual Studio 14 Beta For Download Today

Cloud and Premises Servers Enabled

Microsoft is also tooling Visual Studio 14 for ASP.NET nVest. This being a lean and composable .NET stack, and will allow for building modern web applications for cloud and local servers for users and teams. The ASP.NET team blog from Microsoft has a number of changes that have been made and they are listed there as well.

The Visual Studio 14 CTP is available now via Microsoft for users to test out and try. It is highly recommended to run this on test machines, and not on production machines. Microsoft recommends virtual machines or clean machines for installation, and has a number of sites that enable user feedback for the beta. This is a big release for Microsoft, and listening to its users is what makes Visual Studio even better.

This is a great beta for programmers and developers. It’s been long awaited, and now Visual Studio 14 CTP is available from Microsoft.

Published: Wednesday, June 4th, 2014 Last Modified: June 4, 2014

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