Visual Studio 2013 Preview Available To Developers

During the Build Conference in San Francisco, Microsoft surprised developers with the announcement that a preview version of Visual Studio 2013 is now available. Developers had been waiting for this product announcement, but rumors signaled later this year.

With the Wednesday release of the Visual Studio 2013 preview, Microsoft is giving its developers more software tools to create better products today. The release ends speculation on when this product could be released and now puts it in the hands of developers.

Visual Studio 2013 Preview Released By Microsoft

4.5.1 Preview Of Visual Studio Now Available

Users can now download the 4.5.1 version of the .Net preview. The product installs itself as part of the Visual Studio 2013 product, and should be familiar to those who updated to Windows 8.1. The combination of VS 2013 and .Net 4.5.1 will give developers the ammo needed to run this program right away.

Support for Debugging and More

Some of the biggest improvements of Visual Studio 2013 include asynchronous debugging, performance improvements for apps, C++11 support, XAML improvements, and much more. The amount of updates and improvements made to the Visual Studio 2013 will make app developers very happy with the amount of app and mobile tools available in the product, but also make desktop and Enterprise customers happy as well.

Multicore Machines Will See Improvements

Another part of the Visual Studio 2013 product by Microsoft includes improvements in speed and reliability for machines using multicores. With the combination of enhanced debugging support, and support for C++, the Visual Studio 2013 product will be a strong addition to any Microsoft developer. In addition, multicore machines will also see those improvements in the ability to compile difficult code and compiling complex language.

It is very important that Microsoft get out in front of developers, and they did that on the first day of Build 2013. With the announcement of Windows 8.1, and with the release of the Visual Studio 2013 preview, Microsoft is giving developers more tools than ever before to create powerful programs, powerful applications, and getting them ready for mobile development like never before. They are hoping to get Java and HTML designers over to the VS 2013 platform as well with these moves, and it might work with this set of releases.

Published: Thursday, June 27th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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