Virtual Desktops For Windows 10

For most users, a single desktop is generally enough, and that desktop on their Windows system is usually cluttered with shortcuts, desktop icons, and anything else that they can fit on the screen. With Windows 10 though, virtual desktops get introduced and that should allow for better organization.

Within Windows 10, a features known as Task View, is located within the Task Bar. This new Task View, will let Windows 10 users take advantage of virtual desktops, much like Linux and Mac users have had for years. But, the Windows 10 virtual desktops are done with perfection and total ease for users.

Microsoft Shows Off Virtual Desktops For Users

Virtual Desktops

The topic of virtual desktops might be confusing to some, but it allows for users to have more than one desktop at the same time. When a users clicks the “Task View” button, they are shown their virtual desktops, and they can “Add a Desktop” when presented it for the first time around. Now, they can add a new desktop just like that.

The virtual desktops will allow a users to have a virtual desktop with no Windows, and they can then use that to organize themselves. For example, a work desktop could exist with Office apps, a family desktop with games and movies files, and a gamer desktop with shortcuts to games on the system, all existing outside of each other.

Microsoft Lets Users Hover Over Active Desktops In Windows 10

Hover And Enjoy

The most fun thing to do with Virtual Desktops is when users have programs open on each desktop. They can then mouse over the desktop and open the programs on the desktop display as large thumbnails. Then, a user can click on that large thumbnail and open the desktop of their choice, making it easy to navigate.

The active desktop is something that other operating systems have enjoyed, but is new in the Windows world. Microsoft has stated that they wanted to get it right, and do it different than other computer companies have done. This simplicity of having multiple desktops certainly does that, and gives users wishing for 2 or 8 desktops a way to go. This will help those from a simple user, to a power user, to a developer, to a family with kids, and in between.

Windows 10 with virtual desktops is kind of cool. It’s new, but its worth getting used to for sure.

Published: Wednesday, November 26th, 2014 Last Modified: November 26, 2014

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