Vine Launches Official Windows 10 App

Vine is one of the most social video sharing sites across the Internet, and their vast number of mobile users have made the service quite successful. But, lacking a Windows 10 desktop has been an issue, but not anymore with a official Vine app now available.

The Vine app for Windows 10 is an official app that both Vine and Microsoft have been working closely on. It works on both Windows 10 desktop and mobile devices, and is available now from the Windows Store.

Vine App Released On Windows 10

Inside Vine On Windows 10

With the Vine app for Windows 10, users can watch clips, check out video channels, follow accounts of friends, celebrities, and brands, and use the app without a Vine account. But, with a Vine account it makes it much better.

The Vines will play automatically and continuously according to the release notes, and users can click the Watch button if it doesn’t work for them. By hovering the mouse over the app, users can also get the Vines to start for them.

Vine Gives Users A Fun Video Experience On Windows 10

Explore and Pick Favorites

One of the more elaborate and better features of the Vine app for Windows 10, is the explore feature. This allows users to check out channels, see trends, follow creators, pin Live Tiles, and is a Universal Windows Platform app.

Users can pin favorite Vine channels to their Live Tiles, create Vines with their PC’s or tablets, and have fun sharing Vines on social media. The Vine service was built on Twitter, so sharing on social media just takes a few clicks and its shared.

If you like Vine, it’s out on Windows 10. Download it today, and have fun Vining.

Published: Thursday, May 5th, 2016 Last Modified: May 5, 2016

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