Vine Arrives On Xbox One

With the latest video sharing news in the tech world, the latest about Vine is one that many had been expected, but were unsure of the release date. On Tuesday, Microsoft and Vine release the Vine app for the Xbox One, which will allow users to enjoy the videos of Vine, all on your TV,

This new Vine experience is the first one co-created by Vine and Microsoft, and is built exclusively for the TV experience. Some like Vine and some don’t, but either way, the Vine experience has a ton of videos to enjoy, and gives users a new way to view videos on their Xbox One next-generation consoles.

Microsoft Launches Vine On Xbox One For Xbox Live Users

How Vine Works On Xbox One

The Vine experience is built exclusively to enjoy the videos, and not to create them. Vine has kept the mobile experience as the optimum experience to record Vines, but users can then enjoy them on their TV’s. Users can enjoy the short, looping videos of Vine at anytime, and keep them going anytime they want.

This news Vine experience is surely going to make the Vine expereience something new. Much like Youtube when it rolled out on TV’s was revolutionary, Vine will do the same thing for short videos. Users can use the Kinect voice or gesture controls to watch videos, explore channels, and snap them when playing a game or watching a video on their Xbox One.

Microsoft Gives Vine Users The Xbox One Platform To Enjoy

Vine And Videos On Xbox One

The Vine experience will be a good one for Xbox One users. Users can snap Vine videos while they play a game, and view them at anytime. This streaming video flow of social videos from Vine will show off the Xbox One and its full capabilities, and showcase the fun videos that Vine has on its ecosystem. From arts to social, food to sports, Vine gives Xbox One users a number of videos to enjoy anytime.

This newest Xbox One app from Microsoft is also aimed to showcase the video power of the Xbox One. It shows that the Xbox One is more than just a game playing machine, and gives users a full multimediia video experience, and a social sharing video showcase as well.

Vine is live now on the Xbox One. It’s free, and worth checking out.

Published: Wednesday, October 15th, 2014 Last Modified: October 15, 2014

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