ViewSonic Claims 10” Windows 8 Tablet Release For Second Quarter Of 2012

Viewsonic Logo_thumb.jpg 1An official statement by ViewSonic’s Asia-Pacific Product Marketing director about an upcoming Windows 8 tablet product suggests that the product will be out on the market long before the expected commercial release of Microsoft’s next generation operating system.

ViewSonic Promises Windows 8 Tablet Before Windows 8 Is Released

ViewSonic, like any other self-respecting PC manufacturer, is going to build a Windows 8 tablet. It will be a 10” slate form factor with a “high resolution display initially” and it will be released in the second quarter of 2012, which means between April and June this year. There are minor debates as to why he said the device will have a high resolution display ‘initially’ (will they downgrade it after some time?), the major question remains is how the company can actually offer the device in Q2 when the OS concerned is only expected to be out in late Q3 at the very earliest. There are even talks of Microsoft missing its own deadline and releasing early 2013.

Now some might say that ViewSonic knows something we don’t but there cannot be any logic that supports a commercial release coming within 2-3 months of the Consumer Preview (Beta) release of such big project. So we begin by assuming that this tablet in question will not actually have the commercial version. So why did the marketing director say so?

Well, since he can’t be lying so publicly about his company, he is possibly hinting at the fact that the tablet will be released with a Windows 8 compatible configuration and will then be upgraded as the OS becomes available. And this won’t be the first time someone has done this either. It is common practice amongst manufacturers that constitutes a kind of pre-emptive strike at the competition.

It is either that or ViewSonic intends to release the tablet with the latest available build of Consumer Preview and then upgrade the device as Windows 8 releases. But the chances of that happening are really low because Microsoft might have reservations against a commercial release using the Consumer Preview build.

Published: Saturday, February 18th, 2012 Last Modified: February 18, 2012

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