View Microsoft’s Collected Diagnostic Data On Windows 10

In an effort to keep Microsoft more transparent than ever, the company is letting users know what data it collects on them, and how it uses it. On Windows 10, a new app called the Diagnostic Data Viewer lets you see what they see.

In its release, Microsoft’s Diagnostic Data Viewer is a solid attempt in getting more transparent. It lets users view the data that you’ve opted into, and lets you see what you share with the company via Windows 10.

See What You Share With Microsoft Via Windows 10 App

App Features

The app itself is a simple app that shows all the data you’ve opted into via the Basic or Full level when making privacy choices in the Diagnostics and Feedback. This means you can see what you share with the company and how it uses it.

The app shares the data that keeps Windows up-to-date, and secure according to its release notes. Full diagnostic data, browser app and feature usage, inking and typing data, and others are shared with Microsoft, and its aimed to make the Windows product better.

See Data Shared With Diagnostic Data Viewer App From Microsoft

Is Sharing Data Wrong?

The app shows what you share with the company, and that isn’t too scary I think. It shares general usage and startup problem data with the company, and offers an opt-in or opt-out if you think that data you are sharing is too personal or sensitive.

I’m a strong fan of sharing this type of data with the makers of the program, and it usually results in a strong product overall. There are a ton of security conscious people I know who will disagree, but its a nice download to try.

Want to know what you share with Microsoft, try this app out. You won’t be too shocked, and it’s fine to share.

Published: Monday, January 29th, 2018 Last Modified: March 4, 2018

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