Viber Arrives On Windows 10

Viber is one of the telecom services like Skype, that allows users to communicate with friends, family, and colleagues for no charge. It’s mobile apps have millions of users, and now a Windows 10 app is making its way to users.

The Viber app has been making its way through the mobile channels in beta form, but a PC and tablet version has been lingering. Now, the official app has arrived, giving millions of users a great UI and experience.

Viber Launches Official App On Windows 10

Viber Windows 10 Features

With the Viber Windows 10 app release, it gives PC and tablet users the full Viber experience. It allows for texting with friends, HD sound quality, stickers and photo ahring, and the built-in Sticker Market, which is very popular.

Also, users can hold & talk, allowing for instant voice messages. Live tiles, lock screen notifications, and chats can be pinned to the home screen. Lastly, syncing with devices and chat backgrounds can be selescted from the background gallery.

Viber Gives Users End To End Encryption On Windows 10 Devices

End To End Encryption

What makes the Viber app particularly interesting on Windows 10, is the end to end encryption that it uses. This ensures that users will be able to have secure communications from one end of the desktop or tablet to the other.

A secure connection and end to end encryption is important, and mimics other IM type programs like Telegram and WhatsApp on the mobile space. Keeping communications safe & private it a goal for Viber, and they’ve done it with this app.

Download Viber on Windows 10 today. It’s a great app, and a secure way to chat with others.

Published: Thursday, May 5th, 2016 Last Modified: May 5, 2016

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