Viber App For Windows 10 Arrives With Fanfare

With the number of social network and communication tools in the world, getting traction and users is important. But, when you have over 608 million users, you set your self apart, and with that, Viber has finally launched their Windows 10 app, in beta form.

Viber is a widely used mobile app, that lets users communicate around the world, trade stickers, and enjoy themselves. They have hinted about a Windows 10 desktop and tablet app, and with this beta launch, makes it a little more believable.

Viber Launches Windows 10 App In Beta Form

Inside Viber App

The Viber for Windows 10 beta app launched for users on the Windows Store, and while it’s not quite ready for final release, it’s almost there. It brings users ways to communicate in HD quality, and lets them use it on any Windows 10 device.

With the Viber for Windows 10 beta app, users can make those HD-quality phone and video calls over Wifi and Mobile networks, and more. The app also includes messaging, stickers, public chats, and true communication gems.

Viber Teases Windows 10 App With Intro Video

End To End Encryption

One of the best features about Viber, is the fact that they utilize end-to-end encryption when it comes to their software. That means that all of your communications are secure, and not even Viber knows what you are discussing.

The app is also truly responsive and optimizes for the type of Windows 10 device you are using. Chat info and contact details are shown on the Windows 10 app, and a padlock notifies you that your communications are 100 percent secure.

If you use Viber on your phone, download the Windows 10 app. It’s still in beta, but worth checking out.

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Published: Friday, June 3rd, 2016 Last Modified: June 3, 2016

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