Very Nice Windows 8 WoW Theme For World of Warcraft Fans

You’re into World of Warcraft? Give this very special Windows 8 WoW theme a try!

Awesome Windows 8 World of Warcraft Themes

If you don’t like the regular desktop icons of Windows 8 this theme will replace them:

Coolest WoW Desktop Icon Set for Windows 8

If you’re tired of the regular Windows logo on your taskbar you can easily replace it with a WoW logo when you install our Windows 8 WoW theme:

Start Orb World of Warcraft Themes

If you got a large screen you might also be on the hunt for high-quality desktop wallpaper. Yes? Then download our theme because it includes fancy dual-monitor wallpapers of the finest quality.

Top World of Warcraft Background Themes

Download WoW Theme

You can donate now or wait until we release this WoW theme for Windows 8 on our sister site for free

More WoW themes for Windows 8 are coming. If you need any specific desktop themes, post your ideas below.

Installing The WoW Theme

If you run into problems, please refer to our tutorial how to install Windows 8 themes

Published: Thursday, September 22nd, 2011 Last Modified: April 23, 2015

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