Vast Improvements Made to the Windows Store

At its Build conference this week, Microsoft announced to developers sweeping changes that were made to the Windows Store. Additional features, additional resources, and partners are launching soon and makes the Windows Store more exciting than ever before.

The recent announcements, made by Microsoft’s Chief Evangelist Steve Guggenheimer went into specific details on what developers should look forward to in the future releases of the Windows Store. These announcements should make developers and customers happy and excited.

New Features and Partners Announced For The Windows Store

Adobe Is Coming To The Windows Store

One of the key announcements for the Windows Store changes included the addition of Adobe to the Windows Store. The release of Digital Publishing Suite later this year will spotlight the design features of Windows 8. Publishing to the Surface, and dynamic and interactive apps can now be created using the DPS by Adobe.

Khan Academy For Students

The Khan Academy will be releasing their HTML5/Javascript on the Windows Store later this year, and bring a wealth of additional education resources to the app. The updated app is currently available for download, but additional features are expected to be bundled into the highly downloaded and used education app.

Paypal and Unity Pro 4 Included

Aimed at developers, the Windows Store now lets developers charge using Paypal, using their SDK. In addition, Unity Pro will be available for designers to develop games for Windows and the Windows Phone. Build goers got a free license to it, and additionally, Unity Tools for the Xbox One and Xbox 360 will be available in the future. Developers can use Unity One to build gestures and moves for the Kinect and later for SmartGlass as well.

It’s shown that Microsoft is building the Windows Store for users and helping developers build great apps. Together with big names coming to the Windows Store, it shows that the Windows Store only has room to grow and continue towards a positive path in the future. Microsoft is making continual improvements to the Windows Store, and courting developers to build quality apps, use HTML5 tools to do it, and even pay developers to port to Windows 8 and Windows Phone in order to land a killer app. It will be a great year ahead for the Windows Store.

Published: Friday, June 28th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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