Valve Redesign Steam Controller

Valve have unveiled a new design for their upcoming Steam controller that scraps the touchscreen in favour of face buttons.

Valve Unveil New Controller Prototype

Last September, Valve announced a whole new platform for a video game ecosystem, SteamOs, and also unveils a whole new hardware console concept simply known as Steam machines.

At various recent conventions, there have been numerous prototypes of various Steam machines running the new platform but as of yet the Steam controller itself, which was also unveiled back in September has remained tightly under wraps.


The reason for that is now clear as valve are continuing to work on perfecting the new controller that is the one piece of hardware that they are to remain the sole manufactures of during the initial launch.

Changes To Valve’s New Steam Controller

So what are the changes being made in Valves latest steam controller design? There are now two additional touchpad inputs on each side of the controller that have replaced the central touchscreen. A traditional eight button layout has taken the place of the central touchscreen for a more familiar looking controller.

Initially Valve seemed very dedicated to producing a buttonless controller but in the end the need for new system support traditional gameplay experiences was a decidedly more practical option for the company.


That is not to say that the controller does not have its own set of unique features that will be sure to offer new experiences for gamers and the company of clearly simply taking that best features out of traditional controllers and inputed them into their design.

Is New Controller Design The Right Choice?

So is the decision to redesign the original controller for a site the right choice?

That will remain to be seen buy it is evident that the company is taking the design of their new controller extremely seriously as it will be the main obstacle in realising their ambitions to bring PC gaming to the living room.


The SteamOS and the Steam Machines are well underway in their design and production process and it will be interesting to see if there will be more changes to these or controller itself in the upcoming months.

Published: Friday, January 17th, 2014 Last Modified: January 17, 2014

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