Valve Is Developing Source 2, Its Next-Generation Gaming Engine

Source 2 Engine

Valve’s Source engine has been constantly updated throughout its releases, recently seen in Portal 2 (and look pretty good). In the Source Filmaker, also release by the company, references to Source 2 have been discovered.

Could Half-Life 3 be the debut title for the reveal of Source 2, the next-generation gaming engine by Valve?

We haven’t talked about what Valve is going to do with its next-generation engine, probably because we expected them to constantly iterate the current Source engine. That’s not the case if leaked references are anything to judge by, with Source 2 mentioned in the recently release Source Filmaker.

There aren’t reference to Episode 3/Half-Life 3, yet, in the Filmaker. There also aren’t references to Direct X or OpenGL.

The Filmmaker was apparently in development alongside Source 2. That’s why we’re seeing these reference, therefore, and not mentions of Half-Life 3. I’m sure Valve has been careful enough to not mention references of Half-Life 3, considering it’s almost mythical status in certain sections of the gaming community.

Valve even confirms the development of Source 2, without confirming development publicly. It says Source is the most comprehensive and flexible engine available, and it’s about to get even better.

Next-Generation Half-Life 3? Keep Dreaming Folks

Source 2 tools and the icons have been leaked. They are an app icon, a terrain tool toggle control for a cage, a verts select option for the terrain tool, a smooth edge tool, a paint tool (it’s unclear whether for the terrain tool or not), and finally a scale tool.

I’m not bothered about Half-Life 3/Episode 3, like other sectors of the gaming community. Perhap they’re a small minority being very loud – too loud, personally speaking – about a game that’s inevitably going to be overhyped. I find the vocal minority is actually decreasing my hype for the title, not that I was the series’ biggest fan anyway.

We don’t know when Valve plans to announce the development of the engine, but it’s clearly going to be sooner rather than later. Perhaps it’ll be next year, alongside the next-generation consoles which will (almost certainly) launch at E3 2013.

Could we see the engine debut along with a Steam Box? Read the leak in full at the source link below.

Published: Tuesday, August 7th, 2012 Last Modified: August 7, 2012

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