Valve Do Not Intend To Release Their Own Steam Machine

This is a big year for Valve with the release of the Steam Machines, but they have reaffirmed their intention of being trendsetters rather than hardware competitors to the big boys.

14 Different Steam Machines At CES 2014

Valve only recently announced a series of prototypes of their Steam Machines. These prototype’s were designed for beta testers to play around with and the company have no intention of releasing any retail version of the streaming device at this time.

Instead, the company wants to use its resources to help other manufacturers whenever they are needed and leave the development to them. Companies like Alienware and iBuyPower have already announced their plans to produce Steam Machines.


Valves are aiming to play the role of a trendsetter and thier mission with the whole concept has been to break new ground and bring in other manufacturers to actually create the products to be used.All while they dedicate their time to the functionality of the ecosystem and interface. It seems to be working and at CES 2014, 14 different Steam Machines were revealed.

Gabe Newell At CES 2014 Steam Machine Unveilings

Gabe Newell was on hand to show off the different machines. The machines themselves varied in price with some fetching for as much as $2000 while other budget models had a lower price tag of around $500.

There were no consumer products from Valve – despite the company creating nearly 300 prototypes of their own Steam Machine. It seems all along however, the company never intended to develop a branded Steam Machine of their own.


Valve have however announced that they intend to fully support any manufacturers of their concept as much as possible, whether it is to do with the controller that they are designing and producing or anything else related to the platform itself.

“Valve are Enablers Of Steam Machine” – Newell

Newell justified the stance “Valve” were taking with the launch of this new platform by clarifying that the company is an enabler rather than manufacture.

“We’ll make what we need to. We really view our role in this as enabling. So we’ll do whatever is going to be helpful to other hardware manufacturers – whether that’s with controller design or building specific kinds of boxes.”


With the SteamOs and the Steam controller also set to come out from the company this year they have a lot on their plate already.

Published: Thursday, January 9th, 2014 Last Modified: January 9, 2014

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