Valve Could Be Building The Steam Box Or Something Entirely Different With Linux Support

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A job posting on Valve’s website ask for engineers to work on hardware, a space Valve is fed up of due to the lack of innovation. Rumors surfaced at the beginning of the year claiming Valve is building a Steam Box, an idea confirmed as false at GDC 2012.

Valve’s getting into hardware, and it is looking for engineers

Valve is looking for industrial designers to work at the company to build hardware, an area in the gaming industry described as lacking innovation. It continues by saying input methods haven’t changed since the keyboard and mouse (the company was rumored to be introducing wearable glasses). Who knows what Valve is creating — it didn’t specify in the job ad.

Valve thinks compelling users experiences are being overlooked. Our immediate reaction from the post was that Valve is looking at building a PC-esque machine, and the Steam Box would suggest the possibility. Highly accurate The Verge posted the rumors at the beginning of the year; it said Valve would build an open source gaming machine, even for rivals like EA’s Origin, and it would be similar in form factor to Alienware’s X51 mini-PC. The system would even be upgrade to using the software Steam Box would run.

A Steam-based gaming console is attractive and would fit in nicely with the launch of big picture mode this September. Though we’re certainly not getting Valve’s hardware this September, E3 2012 could shape up to be an exciting week.

Published: Tuesday, September 4th, 2012 Last Modified: September 4, 2012

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