Valve Brings Steam To The Living Room With SteamOS

Valve have announced the latest addition in their attempt to become a regular fixture in living rooms worldwide- SteamOS.

Valve Announce Steam Os

SteamOs will be a free Linux based operating system that allows users to watch movies, listen to music – and of course play their favourite Steam games.

This release takes their ambition to be a regular part of the living room experience one step further following on from their “Big Picture” imitative already part of the current Steam setup.


Only Linux compatible games will work on the system however which may put off some who have PC only games in their collection.

Stream Games To Your Living Room With SteamOS

To combat the Linux only issue however you will be able to stream games on your local network from your PC or Mac. Latency should not be any problem due to it being on a local network.

This brings the best out of the family sharing feature and allows everyone to enjoy their favourite Steam titles with their own accounts and even in different rooms.


Valve also announced they would be “working with many of the media services you know and love.” This means content services like Netflix,HBO Go and others should be soon available for the system. This means the operating system will soon be able to replace not only a gaming console but a Roku device or Apple TV also.

Valve Yet To Announce “Steam Box”

So far Valve have yet to unveil any specific hardware to coincide with this release. The strongly rumoured Steam Box is becoming more and more likely however and this release will only heighten expectations worldwide.


On the company’s home page there are three icons that stand for three different announcements and this operating system unveiling is only the first.

In the coming days there will be another before a third announcement. Like many we are anticipating one of these will be the announcement of a hardware unit to coincide with this release meaning Valve can really start to challenge against PlayStation and Xbox.

As of now no release date has been confirmed for the Steam OS.

Published: Thursday, September 26th, 2013 Last Modified: September 26, 2013

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