Utilize Facebook Messenger On Windows 10

Facebook with its billions of active users on a monthly basis, is one of the most visited sites on the web. Facebook Messenger as well is one of the hottest message products, but without a Windows 10 app. This will soon change with sneak peaks popping up.

Facebook and Microsoft have been very quiet in regards to the idea of an official Facebook Messenger app for Windows 10. With over 800 million users using it on a daily basis, it would seem that getting Windows 10 one should be important, right?

Microsoft and Facebook Tease A Facebook Messenger App For Windows 10

Initial Beta Pops Up

Users of Windows 10 spotted a beta of a Messenger Beta app for Facebook in early March, and it made its way across the web. It will be a universal windows app, making it available for desktops, tablets, and PC’s.

The Windows 10 Messenger app is going to look a lot like the iPad according to initial pictures seen, and be similar to the browser experience on Windows 10. This though will be a huge download when it becomes final.

Facebook Messenge App Available For Android Teased On Windows Store In Beta

Details Of The App

In its Windows Store posting, Facebook listed the app having the ability to support notifications, live tile integration, and ways to flag up waiting messages. This will tightly integrate with Windows 10, and make it a great app.

Additionally, it will allow users to send photos, videos, GIFS, and stickers. It will have the group and search features of the mobile app, and be a huge store app. Facebook still says its in a small beta, and waiting to release it officially.

Will you download the Windows 10 Facebook Messenger app? We sure will, and are awaiting its official release anyday.

Published: Thursday, March 17th, 2016 Last Modified: March 17, 2016

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