Using Skype and together Now Got Easier

People use who use Skype and, often find that finding friends on the for Skype hasn’t been something that Microsoft has made easy. On Friday, Microsoft changed this, and made finding friends using Skype for much easier.

The two big programs never were really meant to work together, but Microsoft has enabled them in a wierd way to work for a while. But, with the latest additions, feedback has been given to Microsoft, and they have listened, making finding frineds and chat a ton easier starting on Friday.

Microsoft Updates Features For Skype On

Improved Contact List

One thing that Skype users in will notice right away is a improved contact list. Users can now find their friends a lot easier, and if they are in your address book, and the person has a matching Skype and Microsoft e-mail adddress, it will show up under the messaging pane. Users can then click and add to their list.

If they don’t have a corresponding Skype and Microsoft e-mail list, it might be a thing to introduce them to it, to make it easier on both of you. The updated ability to find and add friends using Skype and got a major overhaul, and this update will make it so much easier to find each other.

Microsoft's Get Major Skype Updates For Users

New Messaging Features

The other thing that got improved with the Skype and updates is the new messaging features put into the app. Users now have two new features that they can use while using Skype in, and these two additions will make group chats and conversations easier to enjoy.

Users can participate in and create group chats. Users can also add people to a conversation by clicking the “+” on their name in a conversation. Also, users can pick up a conversation where they left off, but just opening the chat pane. By clicking the :) on the upper right, it opens that up for use. Mirosoft has gradually rolled these changes for all users, and most users should be able to utilize them right away.

I use and Skype daily. I love these changes and applaud Microsoft for including them for all to use.

Published: Monday, October 13th, 2014 Last Modified: October 13, 2014

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