Using Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects Library? Fix Memory Leaks

Memory leaks are rather annoying. If you are using the Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects Library, here’s a hotfix that you can use to fix memory leaks.

Tip: If you have memory leaks in other programs on Windows 7, you should make sure to disable plugins, extensions and check your disk IO via resource monitor. It’s always good to know what is writing to your disk!


1. StepOpen your internet browser and browse to the link from Microsoft Online Support.
How to Fix Memory Leaks?

2. StepClick on the view and request Hotfix downloads option and view the terms and conditions provided on the next page. Read through the Terms and Conditions.
How to Fix Memory Leaks?

3. StepIn case you agree to the terms and conditions provided on this page you can proceed further. By Clicking ‘I Agree’ button, you are taken to the next page where you have to select your respective OS. Tick the OS that you are running.
How to Fix Memory Leaks?

4. StepEnter your Email address and undergo an image security check to ensure that a real person is making the request. After filling the required boxes click on the Request Hotfix button. You will be sent with a link to download hotfix in your email box.
How to Fix Memory Leaks?

5. Step Use the Hotfix on your system and the problem will be resolved automatically.

Downloading Hotfix will help in overcoming the Memory Leak problem that you are facing and will ensure that you don’t face this problem again. In case you need further help, feel free to contact us.

It is important to remember that Hotfix should be used only on the systems that are experiencing problems. Also ensure that you select the appropriate Hotfix otherwise you might face problems.

Published: Wednesday, October 26th, 2011 Last Modified: October 26, 2011

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