Users Will Be Able To Author Office Web Apps Soon

On Wednesday, in a video released by Microsoft, a 15 minute video was released detailing about how the future of Office Web apps will rollout. In this video, Office 365 will have coauthoring tools for multiple users.

Wednesday’s video post on Youtube details the future of Office 365, Office 365 Web Apps, and the future of its services. From real-time authoring to more, Office 365 is here to stay and gain lots of new customers.


Real-Time Co Authoring

In this Youtube video by Microsoft, multiple users will be able to author the same documents from any mobile or desktop device. While this is available to Google Docs users, this makes a huge impact on Office 365 users on the web, as Office is used in a large majority of corporations around the world today.

Changes Made, but Not Along Side One Another

With the real-time authoring though, the major point shown off in the video was that users along side one another won’t be able to make changes together. They can be made in an odd way that wasn’t completely apparent in the video.

Released Over Next Few Months

Microsoft is in no hurry to release this update apparently, as it is expected to be released over the next few months. The video released on Youtube seems to be the only source of this new information, and experts are quickly commenting on when users will be able to get their hands on and more.

Microsoft is making their web apps a main focus of their companies attention, and with Office 365 as its main release product for consumers and businesses, this addition of real-time authoring will make the future of this cloud application something that businesses can get ahold of and use often. Companies will not have to rely solely on Google Docs for the real-time authoring of documents, and will be able to use Office 365 on their computers and in their businesses.

The next few months of Office 365 for Microsoft is proving to be a vital part of the Office 365 product, and is showing that both consumers and businesses will able to use it more efficiently and more often.

Published: Thursday, June 20th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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