Users To Be Wary Of Vonteera Adware On Windows 10 Machines

Adware in any form is generally a bad thing on a system, and causes systems to slow down, use unneeded resources, and triggers alarms. This week, Vonteera adware in particular has triggered Windows 10 users to hate it more than usual.

The results from Malwarebytes detailed how Vonteera’s adware compromises PC’s, including Windows 10 machines. The unwanted advertisements, unknwon Windows services, shortcuts and installed extensions make a solid Malware program a must on Windows 10.

Microsoft Users Warned Of Vonteera Adware Hijacking Websites In Malwarebytes Report

How Vonteera Adware Ruins A PC

On Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7 machines, the Vonteera adware installs an IE Browser helper object, and then slows down the browser on the users PC. It also modifies shortcuts on the browser and forces users to unknown sites.

Where it goes worse, is when it installs a Chrome setting that installs unknown Chrome extensions. This installs apps and extensions without the users permission or interaction, and cannot be uninstalled by any user, and is trouble.

Vonteera Adware Spoofs Certificates On Windows 10 and Windows Machines

Vonteera Gets Worst and How To Solve

If the prior items weren’t bad enough, Malwarebytes went into the worst item it does. Lastly, it drops 13 certificates into “Unknown Certificates that spoofs the biggest Antivirus names and prevents any antivirus programs signed by those companies.

The adware just replaces them when uninstalled and is a mess to remove from a Windows machine of any type. This trojan is a nightmare, but Malwarebytes Antimalware has been updated to remove it. It’s worth downloading just in case.

The report by Malwarebytes is a saving grace for Windows 10 users. It shows what is out there, how its evil, and how to remove it.

Published: Monday, November 30th, 2015 Last Modified: November 30, 2015

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