Users Get Offline Access To Files With SkyDrive in Windows 8.1

On Monday, Microsoft gave additional details surrounding the updates to SkyDrive in the Windows 8.1 update being tested by users currently. It gives users a much needed offline access to files, and should satisfy users with exciting new options in Windows 8.1.

The blog update by Microsoft noted that Windows 8.1 will enable SkyDrive users to have files available to them offline across Windows 8.1 devices. By doing, this, users will have an almost instant access to their files across desktop, notebook, mobile, and phones with Windows 8.1.


All Files Available To Users

The first initial point brought out in the Windows blog post was the ability to have files available at any time, on any device using SkyDrive. The “placeholder files”, as Microsoft calls them, allow users to open, edit, and make any adjustments to these files, but with a much smaller footprint on their local device. An example was with pictures that are over 5.0GB on a SkyDrive folder, but less than 200MB on the local device.

Photos Get Thumbnail Images

With the SkyDrive updates to Windows 8.1, when users go through their photos, they will see a thumbnail image of their image instead of the full files. This enables quick scrolling, smaller disk storage on local devices, and the ability to view all of their photos on their devices without taking up a lot of room on the device.

Offline Access to Files

Lastly, with SkyDrive and Windows 8.1, users will get access to their SkyDrive files at anytime. The app will enable users to mark folders and files for offline access, and gives them the ability to open, save and search for those files at anytime. The file picker application enables quick finding of files, and allows for easy sharing to SkyDrive.

The latest announcements to SkyDrive gives users of Windows 8.1 more reasons to continue using Windows 8.1 and SkyDrive. The ability to access documents and photos from anywhere is a game changer to many users, and with it using low storage space, it means users can access thousands of files with a small footprint of data usage on their devices. SkyDrive should see a major spike in usage with Windows 8.1.

Published: Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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