Users Can Share Mix Projects Easier With Social Updates

The Office Mix project from Microsoft has gotten mixed success, as it recreates what Office projects can be. Current problems include problems sharing them in social media circles. Updates made on Wednesday will now make that easier, now letting users share them everywhere social.

Microsoft issued the Office Mix updates via their Office Blogs project, and shared that Office Mix projects can now be shared almost anywhere social. This will make it easier for users to share their Office Mix projects with colleagues, customers, and anyone else in their social circles.

Microsoft Updates Office Mix For Social Sharing On Twitter & More

Office Mix New Social Channels

Now, allows users to share their Office Mix projects so much easier. Now, users can share on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn,, or oEmbed. All of these social networks are supported, and this will make projects easier to be viewed and enjoyed via Office Mix.

Users when they play a public mix, can pause and share with their networks. They can do this with Office Mix projects with audio and video. Users can also create their own mix to download the latest plugin for PowerPoint as well. This makes it easier for those to try it out while viewing other Mix projects. Twitter card functionality has also been included.

Microsoft Gives and oEmbed Better Office Mix Sharing Tools & Funtions

Enhanced Embedding Updated

Where users will see another major update, is when they share their Office Mix projects on and oEmbed. These two formats are the biggest on the web, and now users can embed them there and share them anywhere on the web. This means that blogs, email newsletters, and more can contain Mix projects.

All a user has to do to embed their Mix, is click the share button below the name and author, then select the embed code. Then, users can embed the Mix on their site, and make it shareable anywhere on the web. Embedding these types of Mix projects will make it easier to be seen all over the web.

Mix got its needed social components today. Create a Mix and share them, it’s fun and wild.

Published: Thursday, February 26th, 2015 Last Modified: February 26, 2015

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