Use VK Messenger To Communicate On Windows 10

While there are a number of social networks across the Internet, a lot of ones that are regionally focused are known by more than some. VK is one of those, and it has a new Windows 10 VK Messenger app for users to try out.

The VK Messenger app is made by V Kontake LTD, the company behind the VK Social Media network. With over 500 million users in Russia and beyond, it is quite a network, with quite an active user base.

Stay In Touch With VK Network Friends With VK Messenger

App Features

The VK Messenger app is made to simple let people communicate easily and stay in touch with friends on the VK Social Network. It has a lot of chat focused features, and it does it very well for those who use VK a lot.

The app includes ways to chat with friends and colleagues, share photos with them, send documents, and even voice messages. The app is a quick loading app as well, and works well with the VK Social site.

Compact Modes Make For Easy Conversations With VK Messenger App

Manage and Get Notifications

The VK Messenger app is great for community managers as well, as the site has a number of those already. Community managers are able to enable messages for groups and public pages, and never be without messages from their respective group or public pages.

Additionally, flexible notification settings are built within the app. These allow for users to keep in touch with followers, and not missing anything. This keeps people using the VK site, and using its features.

I’m not on VK but respect the millions of users who use it. Try it out if you use VK, and let us know if the VK Messenger app is a worthy download or not.

Published: Monday, November 6th, 2017 Last Modified: November 6, 2017

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