Use Touchmail To Clean Up Mail On Windows 10

The Windows 10 ecosystem certainly gives us a number of apps to control and manage our email. Outlook, Gmail, and other services do it on the web well. But, Touchmail gives you control at the desktop level.

Desktop is a free Windows 10 app, made by Touchmail Inc. It has been downloaded over a million times, so that shows its popularity. It has been called an essential mail app, and it has quite a punch.

Manage Your Email Using Touchmail

App Features

With Touchmail, you get a single place to manage all of your email accounts. It puts them all in a single workspace, and cuts down on the need to switch between various apps or pages to control your email.

The app gives users a way to become clutter-free with a few taps, and go through deleting a ton of messages with a single tap. Additional tools include archiving, flagging, and moving messages within mailboxes.

Interact With Your Email Easier With Touchmail On Windows 10

Color Code & More

Touchmail gives users options to color-code their email to personalize their inboxes, and one-touch filters to find specific mail they want to read. Simple preview modes also let users view their email quickly and easily.

The app uses the touch interface of Windows 10 very well, but also works with the mouse or keyboard. It also works well with all the cloud services, from OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, iCloud, and Google Drive.

If you need an app to wrangle your emails, Touchmail is worth a try. It’s free and an app worth the download on your Windows 10 machine.

Published: Sunday, November 12th, 2017 Last Modified: November 12, 2017

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