Use Tiny Translator To Translate Anything On Windows 10

When you need to translate text on the web, it used to be you needed dictionaries and websites to download and install. Now, for Windows 10 users, a simple app called Tiny Translate does it for you.

Tiny Translate is a $0.99 application, and its made by Kurpio. It offers translating services in over 100 languages, and is available in a 7-day free trial download to try out.

Translate Text Easy With Tiny Translate

App Features

One of the best things about Tiny Translate, is the simple UI and interface of the application. It has 100 languages, and has fast clipboard operations, to copy and paste text into it.

The app itself takes the best online services from Bing Translator, Google Translate and others, and builds it into one great app. It keeps your browser free, and lets you translate at will.

Text On The Web Translates With Ease Via Tiny Translate

Advanced Features

Tiny Translate takes the user interface to a new level, and offers font size adjustments for easy reading. It also has various memorizing settings for the user to enjoy and use on a daily basis.

The app itself is small in size, and works across all types of Windows 10 machines and even Windows 10 Mobile devices. It’s a simple download and install, and less than a dollar purchase if you enjoy it.

If you translate often, Tiny Translate is a great app. It is less than a dollar, and well worth it.

Published: Monday, October 23rd, 2017 Last Modified: October 23, 2017

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