Use The Xbox One Without The Kincect: New Updates

One of the many issues surrounding the Xbox One launch revolved around the Kinect portion of the Xbox One puzzle. Early on, Microsoft said that the Xbox One had to have the Kinect plugged in to operate, but on Monday, that stance seems to have changed and made users very happy.

One of the security and safety woes of the Xbox One surrounded the constant power and ability for the Kinect to always be on. The sense of insecurity and the Kinect always watching users troubled some users, but on Monday, Microsoft seems to have don a 180 on this position.


Use The Xbox One Without Kinect

By far the biggest news on Monday, came from Microsoft’s Marc Whitten who in an interview stated that the console will function even if the Kinect isn’t plugged in. He mentioned that the sensor related functions won’t exist without the Kinect plugged in, but that alone should make users security concerns lessen.

Kinect Can Be Totally Off

Gamers and users have complained about the Kinect plug-in portion of the Xbox One since the launch. On Monday though, Microsoft stated that you can turn off the sensor in the settings. No information will be collected during this time. Any voice, video, or gesture functions rely on the Kinect. By turning it completely off, users can now feel safe from the Kinect and the Xbox One.

Another Xbox One 180

This is the latest 180 by Microsoft on the Xbox One. From the initial concerns surrounding the Xbox One and the DRM, and the latter one surrounding game developers. The list of questions surrounding the Xbox One seems to almost equal the number of times that Microsoft has done 180’s on the console, that still isn’t expected to be released until November.

It is pretty clear that the Xbox One is becoming a huge headache for Microsoft. They need to have a clear and focused set of ideas and that is getting messed up hugely by this Xbox One process so far. This latest position turnaround though, should ease security concerns on the Xbox One and Kinect front, and give users a little more security that they want.

Published: Wednesday, August 14th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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