Use TCPcloud To Show Off Your New Windows 10 Bulletin Boards

If you are in a business that shows off bulletin boards in the lobby or in windows, you know it gets old, and many options aren’t available. Windows 10 programs do the job, but not well. TCPcloud is a new one trying to change that.

TCPcloud is a unique Windows 10 app, and it states that it is designed to help businesses replace combo/bulletin boards with somthing more modern for clients. It’s an interesting app, and a mixed free and in-app purchase model.

Showcase Music & Images To Customers With TCPcloud

Support For Video News Feeds & More

TCPcloud is made for displays and Windows 10 machines. It uses built-in video news feeds to show off to clients, and is meant to grab their attention. It can be run via a kiosk mode, and shows off to those passing by.

The app also lets users play web content or music for specific slides, lights, or set up for gyro or light sensors. It can also be used with security cameras to capture images with an additional setup.

Use TCPcloud To Show Off Your Store

Who Its For

TCPcloud is made to show off today’s specials, schedule changes, and maybe show off new team members. It is aimed to bring interest to videos, images, and even show off PDF documents via the app.

The app can play specific albums at predeterminted times, display images filtered by tags or images, or show off whatever you want to customers. It’s a business app, but one that many businesses could utilize.

If you showcase this type of content, TCPcloud is an app to check out. It’s an interesting take on the niche, and has gotten good reviews so far.

Published: Thursday, January 18th, 2018 Last Modified: January 18, 2018

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