Use PDF Manager To Finally Mange Your Windows 10 PDF’src

We all have a folder on our system, including my own, that stores all of my documents. PDF’s are bundled together in a folder, and having to reorder or manipulate them is a hassle. That is until PDF Manager came along.

PDF Manager is made by Ballard App Craftery, and while its a premium app on the Windows Store, it is an amazing PDF Manager for your documents. You can finally have control of PDF’s using this app.

Manage PDF's Easily With PDF Manager

App Features

PDF Manager is the app for PDF handling on the Windows 10 platform, without having to buy costly Adobe products. It lets users split & merge PDF files, make new PDF’s, edit PDF’s, and even edit them simultanesously.

You can take your normal PDF’s, and reorder them, delete pages, and rotate pages using this app. You can additionally add & remove passwords, and even duplicate & share or print your edited PDF’s with the app.

Sort & Open PDF's Simply With PDF Manager

Well Made PDF Manager

The app itself is a very well made app, and reviewers on the Windows Store also agree in their 5-star reviews. From calling it a very nice app, a quick & easy PDF editor, and much more.

Additionally, the app is a quick download at only 23MB, and works across all Windows 10 devices. It loads up your PDF files quickly, and lets you sort, manage, and review them with simplicity.

If you work with PDF’s often, try out PDF Manager. It’s a well made app, and worth a look on the Windows Store.

Published: Wednesday, December 20th, 2017 Last Modified: December 20, 2017

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