Use Notebook Library To Mange Notes On Windows 10

There are certainly a number of notetaking apps in the Windows Store, and many of them either are fakir, poor, or made well. One of the better ones is Notebook Library, and its a bargain for Windows 10 users.

Notebook Library is a $0.99 Windows 10 app, and its made by the developer Mersad M. It’s on sale as of the time of this writing, but even at $0.99, it makes for a great download and app to use.

Create & Organize Notes With Notebook Library On Windows 10

App Features

With Notebook Library, it makes a simple and smart application to manage notes on your Windows 10 machine. It gives users a great organizational system to store notes, and it does it with simplicity.

The app itself has a flat and easy user interface, it features Continuum support, and has various themes. My favorite is a dark theme, and that helps with late night notetaking sessions at the PC.

Manage Notes In Secured Storage Spaces Via Notebook Library

Flag & Multiple Views Available

Inside Notebook Library, it is a fairly complex notetaking app, but operates with ease. Gestures for tablets are supported, it has ways to create and mange notebooks, and just simply works.

Users can flag notes within their collections, and view their notes in multiple view methods. Searching is also something built into the app, and that makes finding a particular idea easy, and it just works.

Notebook Library is a great notetaking app on Windows 10. Grab it for $0.99, or quickly if the sale for free is still up.

Published: Tuesday, October 17th, 2017 Last Modified: October 17, 2017

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