Use My Way To Manage Your Subway Life On Windwos 10

Subway is a restaurant franchise that exists in almost any country, and has taken the world by storm. If you eat there a lot like many, maybe you want to manage it better. With My Way you can do that on Windows 10.

My Way is a unique Windows 10 app made by PatchWork3d Entertainment, and its a free Windows 10 app. It lets users build their favorite sandwiches, collections, and manage their Subway eating style.

Make My Way A Perfect Subway Companion App On Windows 10

App Features

The My Way app is solely made for those who goto Subway, and who enjoy the sandwiches and creations there. It lets fans of the restaurant save their combinations of sandwiches for whenever they want.

In addition to saving their favorite combinations, it lets users assemble sandiwches for Subway, save them when ready for ordering, and lets them find their local Subway to make an order.

Organize Sandwich Combos With My Way

Not an Ordering App

While this would be the perfect app to order your favorite sandwich to the home or office, the app is solely for entertainment only. It has prices and listings, but no online ordering features.

Inside the app, it is well built, and has a lot of features for eaters of Subway. It gives a large percentage of the menu within the app, and lets users track their meals when they want it.

If you eat at Subway a lot, try out My Way. It’s free, and a quick download to have handy.

Published: Tuesday, October 17th, 2017 Last Modified: October 17, 2017

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