Use Mixer To Communicate With Other Via Windows 10

The Mixer service is put together by Microsoft, and the main focus is their Xbox platform for its users. But, a new Windows 10 app is brinigng the Mixer app to Windows 10 users.

The Mixer app is made by Flydream, and it lets users interact with their favorite channels and users, watch streams, manage their accounts, and edit their channels on their machines.

Mixer App Comes To Windows 10 Users

Mixer Supreme

The Mixer app really takes advantage of all the Mixer services, and bundles it into a Windows 10 app. By having the ability to watch streams, interact with channels and more, it makes Mixer more interactive.

Streamers can use the app to manage their account, edit the account, host other channels, view their analytics, and really dive into their Mixer accounts. It makes it more than just a streaming service.

View Mixer Streamers & Users With Mixer App

Built For Windows 10

The Mixer app is built for Windows 10 users as well, as it gives users interactive notifications, lets them watch VoD’s, see streaming in picture in picture mode, it acts in a live tile, and more.

The app itself works very well when I loaded up on my Windows 10 system, and lets you view the Mixer streamers well. I don’t have a very active Mixer account, so testing the analytics was limited.

Do you have a Mixer account? Try the app out, and let us know your thoughts.

Published: Thursday, January 4th, 2018 Last Modified: January 4, 2018

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