Use Flow For Facebook To Enhance Facebook On Windows 10

Facebook’s major app has a lot of features that users love and use daily, but often third-party vendors will offer supportive apps to offer additional features. Flow for Facebook is one of those apps, and for Facebook fans could be a game changer.

Flow for Facebook is a free Windows apps, and is made by JM Bits. While it’s clearly a third party Facebook app, and not officially supported by Facebook, it clearly gives users a lot of features they probably would want, and gives it to them across desktop and mobile devices.

Flow For Facebook Makes Facebook More Manageable

Flow Features

The first thing users with a slow or unstable internet connection might notice is the overall speed, thanks to the Facebook Turbo Mode. It speeds up the overall Facebook experience, and that helps for media intensive posts like videos and photos that can clog down slower connections.

Secondly, Flow for Facebook offers users the ability to download photos and videos to their device. While users have been able to save photos before, they’ve only been able to save videos to their timeline. This makes for a big change, and for those who enjoy Facebook videos, can make this free app worthwhile.

Download Photos & Videos From Facebook With Flow For Facebook On Windows 10

Dark Themes & Faster Loading

Third, a dark theme for Facebook is available, and that help with those who don’t like the bright background, or who use Facebook a lot at night. The app also loads incredibly fast across desktop and mobile devices, and this makes for a faster Facebook experience overall.

Other features of Flow for Facebook include support for Windows Hello, playing videos without leaving the app, it opens websites using the app or default browser, it can hide sponsored posts, and finally it loads the latest news quicker if the user wants that in their timeline. All of these later features make Flow for Facebook an interesting third-party Facebook addition, and worth the free download.

If you use Facebook a lot, Flow for Facebook is worth checking out on the Windows Store. It’s not an official Facebook app, but makes Facebook a lot easier to use and enjoy.

Published: Wednesday, June 21st, 2017 Last Modified: June 21, 2017

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