Use Audiocloud To Listen To Soundcloud Music On Windows 10

I am a big fan of Soundcloud, and their thousands of artists who use the service to host their music and tunes. Finding new music though is tricky, but a new app called Audiocloud makes it easier.

Audiocloud is made by Jason Ong, and while its not an official Soundcloud authorized app, it gives you lots of features to love about Soundcloud. It uses their API to give users a great Soundcloud experience.

Audiocloud Brings Soundcloud Listening To Windows 10 Users

App Features

With Audiocloud, the app brings users a new music discovery and playlist curation app. It also brings together the powerful streaming music features that Soundcloud gives its users.

It uses the Soundcloud API to bring users most of the Soundcloud music, and is free to use. It uses various tags, gapless playback, playback speed control, sleep timers and more for users to try and use.

Use Audiocloud To Enjoy Soundcloud Hits Easier & With Ease

Built For Windows 10

One you download Audiocloud, you know that this app was made for Windows 10 users. It has Cortana voice controls to control music and playback, and live tile integrations to enjoy your music anytime.

The app itself is free, and has no banner ads while using it. It does offer an in-app purchase to support the developer, and if you find that the app is useful, its definitely worth that purchase to support the app.

Audiocloud is a great third-party Soundcloud integration. It’s free to try, and a must have Soundcloud listening app.

Published: Tuesday, November 7th, 2017 Last Modified: November 7, 2017

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