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Promote Windows 7 Themes Do you have a band? Do you own a website or are you member of a special facebook group that you want to promote? Take the chance and promote with the help of Windows 7 themes. Themes can become very popular and will spread the word about you or your product easily. You can even hire us to create a theme for you!

If you decide to create the theme yourself, you should read our tutorial “How to create Windows 7 themes”.

Once you are done, click here to upload your themes . The form requires you to upload at least one file, but it is recommended to upload a .themepack file and a .jpg file. The .jpg file will be the preview image of your theme!

Click on “Upload now!” before you proceed with entering a title, short description and the current year.

Upload Windows 7 Theme now

Why are Windows 7 themes a great way to promote something?

They are a very great way to promote just about anything. If your brand is constantly visible on the desktop of your target audience, you can guarantee that they will remember you. The desktop is for all Windows 7 users the first thing they see when they log on and often the place where they start new applications.

What should I include in my promo theme?

If you want to create a promo theme, you should at least create a decent desktop wallpaper of your band, website or product. If you want to promote your band, you should also include sound files. A icon is definitely recommended too.

So, what are you waiting for? Create something people will remember and upload it to our site!

Published: Tuesday, March 16th, 2010 Last Modified: March 16, 2010

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