Upgrade With One Click With Windows 10

One of the major hassles that users get when they operate their systems, is the upgrade process. For years, Microsoft has had the Windows Update center and Windows feqatures to update and upgrade Windows, but for many users, it was troubling and concerning. This goes away with Windows 10.

When users got the second version of the preview software from the Windows Insider Program, one of the first things snoticed was the update button. This was a first for Windows, and something that Windows has never had before. It makes updating and upgrading the Windows software a ton easier than before, and a huge plus for all users from novice to experienced.

Microsoft Shows Off One-Click Updates With Windows 10

One Click Upgrade

With the new one-click upgrade to the newest verion of Windows 10, users were presented with a new way and fashion to update. All the user had to do was to head to the PC settings, hit “Update and Recovery”, and then the preview builds tab. From there, Windows updated itself via a “Download Now” button, making updating Windows a breeze.

Granted, the updated Windows 10 build was a sizeable update, and came in at a whopping 2GB, but it was a lot easier than the previous versions of Windows for users. It’s not completely know if this is something that will be rolled into the final version of Windows 10, but it seems like a great addition to updating Windows for many users.

Microsoft Lets Users Update Their OS With One-Click On Windows 10

Making Updates Easy On Windows 10

This move to make updating Windows for users is a big change for Microsoft, as it changes the usual stance that Microsoft has had for previous operating systems. It takes away the traditional Windows Updating experiences that confused users, and made it a simple and rather easy to follow set of update experiences.

The updating process for Windows shouldn’t be a complicated process, and Microsoft over the years has done a very good job to make it one. Within Windows 10, the finding of this one-click update process means that anyone can now update Windows, and won’t require a team of IT professionals to make sure the update process worked. This is truly a sign of good things for Windows 10 and one that is seen on the users behalf.

A one-click update is perfect for Windows 10. It shows that Microsoft is rethinking things, and making users matter.

Published: Wednesday, November 26th, 2014 Last Modified: November 26, 2014

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