Updated Release Date For Resident Evil 6: Bumped Up A Month to October

Resident Evil 6 Press Preview RomeReleased date moves from November to October as press preview.

Press previews in Rome this week coincide with the announcement that RE6 will release this October

Resident Evil 6 is bringing multiple characters in the same game for the first time ever in the franchise. Players can play as Leon from Resident Evil 2 and 4, Chris Redfield and a newcomer called Jake.

Online co-op is also brought over from Resident Evil 5, and players can also play offline and will have their own HUD.

The reason all three characters are coming together is because of the deadly C Virus, which is once again turning dead people into braindead zombies. As a result of this outbreak, Lean and Chris will meet face to face in the campaign. Capcom have also promises that the meeting won’t be completely calm, as emotions will fly during the encounter.

While the C Virus brings zombies into Resident Evil 6, it also changes their behaviour. Rather than mindlessly walking towards players, zombies mutate when attack and can jump over obstacles. The J’avo, as they’re called, mutate when attacked. The aim is so encounters don’t play out in similar ways, so players won’t be shooting slow-moving zombies this time.

Locations are also unpredictable when visited, with one example showing a chandelier falling. Visiting the same building twice won’t be predictable

Three different stories, a single ending

The three characters stories don’t have to be played in a particular order. When online, player can now jump in at any point without restarting at the nearest checkpoint. Players can also move their HUD to keep track of players, which sounds a little confusing to do mid-game.

The balance act that was the combat in Resident Evil 4 and 5 has gone, as players can run and shoot simultaneously and perform special moves by rolling on the back and firing upwards (as seen in the reveal trailer).

Capcom have also confirmed the release date has been pushed forward for Resident Evil 6, to October 2 this year from November 20. The reason is because of fan anticipation, so hopefully the game will turn out to be a great product despite the month less of development. I suspect at that point the game would have been basically done anyway.

Published: Wednesday, April 11th, 2012 Last Modified: June 29, 2014

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