Upcoming Windows 8 Pre-Release Builds Without Media Center, Games, DVD Creator

The Windows 8 Pre-release build that is expected to be given away at the BUILD conference will not include the Windows Media Center and various other features. More after the break.

Windows 8 Pre Release Build Without Media Center

Sinofsky confirmed that Windows 8 will include the Media Center. The work on it is progressing well, but Microsoft wants to make sure the new Media Center can live up to the high expectations from both consumers and business users.

Windows 8 Features Missing In Pre-Release Build

The following features will be included in later versions of Windows 8

  • Windows 7 games
  • DVD Creator
  • Upgrade Setup
  • Dot Net 3.5
  • Media Center

Pre-releases often include features that will not be included in the final version. So, if you’re spotting any cool feature in Windows 8, but you’re the only one who likes it, it might not be in the final version. But the games explorer, Media Center, Dot Net, Upgrade setup are mandatory and will definitely be included in Windows 8.

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Published: Monday, September 5th, 2011 Last Modified: September 5, 2011

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